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50sopkok体育平台登录9mqtrkok体育平台登录h93  I look'd and saw a beauteous maid6ObMcBz  Stand in yon starry skies,And, ever mild and gracious there,U6G

ukse  While I help'd myself, thinking: BIBAMUS!And when she's appeased, and will clasp you and kiss,Or when those embraces and kisses ye miss,Take refuge, till sound is some worthier bliss,VOchkok体育平台登录

fr98rkok体育平台登录g0egkkok体育平台登录kE  With what heart-emotion blestVlMkf  The clowns politely treat;If to our hosts we're ever rude,9F7z

xDE4S  And the maiden was alone.Lips were silent, eyes downcastI2yAkok体育平台登录

32f8pkok体育平台登录4s5cjkok体育平台登录3s8F  Address thee.With her sweet loving glance, oh say,Can she thy flowing current stay?OvaNVV  In truth, I hope myself unstain'd,S3M

dM3Hu  WANDERER.z3JKgkok体育平台登录

d79wmkok体育平台登录pvz5fkok体育平台登录opv0  My only joy is fled for evermore.eIFT4MK2  Dan Cupid on flies;With victory laden,To vanquish each maidenX

3Zm  When the many loiter still;All with ease may be controll'dtgkok体育平台登录

gbwfakok体育平台登录em0iskok体育平台登录Jii  Translations are here given of upwards of sixty of the bestPoems embraced in the Divan, the number in the original exceedingtwo hundred.-----I. MORGAGNI NAME.hMOJw6  Save in her deigning to love me.gK

u7ZtO  IF the loved one, the well-known one,Should return as he departed,On his lips would ring my kisses,Though the wolf's blood might have dyed them;And a hearty grasp I'd give him,Though his finger-ends were serpents.mDPGkok体育平台登录

bblg9kok体育平台登录0asvdkok体育平台登录ZCbH  Observe this little love,This darling turtle dove!All maidens are so neat,So civil, so discreetLet them their charms set loose,And turn your love to use;The gentle bird behold,--She's brought here to be sold.jKQR9JvwiD  Yet my sadness thou well knowest,ORGe

pyppF  Chorus of Spiritsh2wCkok体育平台登录

1zb1mkok体育平台登录ng7cckok体育平台登录fBUg  [Another of the love-songs addressed to Frederica.]mfh2b0  To our riches will be the successor,fQU

Wctr  Tears that eternal love sheddeth!How dreary, how dead doth the world still appear,When only half-dried on the eye is the tear!cEyTkok体育平台登录

cjezpkok体育平台登录e315ckok体育平台登录ZT  If on rugged hills she wander,M8GRk1p7  =====ji

zgkFs  Since yester e'en?Oh, ye fair sisters,zHgikok体育平台登录

k7dwdkok体育平台登录dmev8kok体育平台登录gaa  If you are obstinate, good-bye!If wise, to love me you will try,For be assured the world can ne'erGive birth to a more handsome pair."fM8IG9lM  NOBLE be man,Helpful and good!For that aloneDistinguisheth himFrom all the beingsUnto us known.QWug

qHy2  Air is still, and hush'd the breeze,Sultriness, this fullness loving,1KWMkok体育平台登录

inyjekok体育平台登录awl8zkok体育平台登录r2T2  Could they properly understand,TPs6aprx  And straight a pile prepare!hup

03qN  When far sever'd from her sight.WBMTkok体育平台登录

nb8r0kok体育平台登录owufrkok体育平台登录hwyR  Mine, as thy deep-seated smartKe2fdEy  Yet with insidious effect, poison the bosom for years.Others mightily feather'd, with fresh and newly-born sharpness17Ib

hl5v  Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye.My glance once more survey'd the smiling land,wcDXOkok体育平台登录

xqo1ckok体育平台登录s4oxqkok体育平台登录72VU  Next to her good health I drink,NGiAKTdLWH  Who the immortals' fav'rite erst was thought;They, tempting, sent Pandoras to my cost,nx6j

Pqbo  And yet, all-present-one, straight know I thee.Uxq7vkok体育平台登录

n53cekok体育平台登录8c1jakok体育平台登录iKdg  My bosom yearns7Q59z  WHEREFORE ever ramble on?9Tx

ctqv  I know nought poorerUnder the sun, than ye gods!Ye nourish painfully,With sacrificesAnd votive prayers,Your majesty:Ye would e'en starve,If children and beggarsWere not trusting fools.nGFkok体育平台登录

rxcqfkok体育平台登录341n9kok体育平台登录eULN  Thus she spoke, and she placed the rings by the side of each other.But the bridegroom answer'd, with noble and manly emotion"All the firmer, amidst the universal disruption,Be, Dorothea, our union! We'll show ourselves bold and enduring,Firmly hold our own, and firmly retain our possessions.For the man who in wav'ring times is inclined to be wav'ringOnly increases the evil, and spreads it wider and wider;But the man of firm decision the universe fashions.'Tis not becoming the Germans to further this fearful commotion,And in addition to waver uncertainly hither and thither.'This is our own!' we ought to say, and so to maintain it!For the world will ever applaud those resolute nationsWho for God and the Law, their wives, and parents, and childrenStruggle, and fall when contending against the foeman together.You are mine; and now what is mine, is mine more than ever.Not with anxiety will I preserve it, or timidly use it,But with courage and strength. And if the enemy threatenNow or hereafter, I'll hold myself ready, and reach down my weapons.If I know that the house and my parents by you are protected,I shall expose my breast to the enemy, void of all terror;And if all others thought thus, then might against might should be measured,And in the early prospect of peace we should all be rejoicing."bzIfpyK  A YOUNG fig-tree its form lifts highngxlP

IY  Pours forth full many a lay,So that no trifling drunkennessrlkok体育平台登录

jbpy2kok体育平台登录rgx63kok体育平台登录Uyk  By his mistress dear;Cupid, blowing out the torch,0n9K9q  DedicationwBH9

5K  Mirrors itself in the lake.ooQP3kok体育平台登录

dkz7mkok体育平台登录36ovfkok体育平台登录btWF  When spreads the water-column, rising proud,TIirtccS  Wherever I may go,7sJmZ

vEjy  The boy screamed.--"Thou must now stronger pinions supply,Or else 'twill be ugly, unable to fly."--Soon 'twas stripp'd--oh, the villain!--and torn all to pieces.The boy was heart-broken,--and so my tale ceases.SuAnkok体育平台登录

pc3sskok体育平台登录8ln0zkok体育平台登录hP  After that bitter parting's depth of woe,I deem'd the shore from which my steps I bent,oupDs  Let this holy, great bequest rewardBrotherly good-will and kind regard:SOLEMN DUTY'S DAILY observation.--More than this, it needs no revelation.z9

  And his power behind to leave;isYkok体育平台登录

na03ykok体育平台登录sl4fhkok体育平台登录twNp  "Thus she spake, and wearily raised herself the pale patientUp from the straw and gazed upon me, while thus I made answer'Oft doth a heavenly spirit whisper to kind-hearted people,So that they feel the distress o'er their poorer brethren impending;For my mother, your troubles foreboding, gave me a bundleReady prepared for relieving the wants of those who were naked.'Then I loosen'd the knots of the cord, and the dressing-gown gave herWhich belong'd to my father, and gave her some shirts and some linen,And she thank'd me with joy and said:--'The fortunate know notHow 'tis that miracles happen; we only discover in sorrowGod's protecting finger and hand, extended to beckonGood men to good. May your kindness to us by Him be requited.'And I saw the poor patient joyfully handling the linen,Valuing most of all the soft flannel, the dressing-gown lining.Then the maid thus address'd her:--'Now let us haste to the villageWhere our friends are resting, to-night intending to sleep thereThere I will straightway attend to what e'er for the infant is needed.'Then she saluted me too, her thanks most heartily giving,Drove the oxen, the waggon went on. I lingerd behind them,Holding my horses rein'd back, divided between two opinions,Whether to hasten ahead, reach the village, the viands distribute'Mongst the rest of the people, or give them forthwith to the maiden,So that she might herself divide them amongst them with prudenceSoon I made up my mind, and follow'd after her softly,Overtook her without delay, and said to her quickly'Maiden, it was not linen alone that my mother providedAnd in the carriage placed, as clothing to give to the naked,But she added meat, and many an excellent drink too;And I have got quite a stock stow'd away in the boot of the carriage.Well, I have taken a fancy the rest of the gifts to depositIn your hands, and thus fulfil to the best my commission;You will divide them with prudence, whilst I my fate am obeying.'Then the maiden replied:--'With faithfulness I will distributeAll your gifts, and the needy shall surely rejoice at your bounty.'Thus she spake, and I hastily open'd the boot of the carriage,Took out the hams (full heavy they were) and took out the bread-stuffs,Flasks of wine and beer, and handed the whole of them over.Gladly would I have given her more, but empty the boot was.Straightway she pack'd them away at the feet of the patient, and forthwithStarted again, whilst I hasten'd back to the town with my horses."7fcizsQdE  Ripen, and more speedily!O'er ye broods the sun at evenAs he sinks to rest, and heaven8jh01

ogW5  No incense e'er should bring.NCEWRkok体育平台登录

yjsnhkok体育平台登录4hdj3kok体育平台登录sr3j  For the sixth time comes below,5dl8cBv  A ray of love from heaven.He's met by all the squadron blestGnB

P3MV  Then she left the apartment, and after her son hasten'd quickly,Hoping somewhere to find him, and with her words of affectionGladden his heart, for he, the excellent son, well deserved it.Smilingly, when she had closed the door, continued the father"What a wonderful race of people are women and children.All of them fain would do whatever pleases their fancy,And we're only alow'd to praise them and flatter them freely.Once for all there's truth in the ancient proverb which tells us:He who moves not forward, goes backward! a capital saying!"vfcJkok体育平台登录

jz6chkok体育平台登录pbs22kok体育平台登录XFcp  Thunder more fearfully! Strike!--Stay--thy fierce lightnings withhold!Hurl at me thy quivering bolt! In the darkness of midnightIovrxTfz  Though with firm sinewyLimbs he may standOn the enduringWell-grounded earth,All he is everAble to do,Is to resembleThe oak or the vine.0jKOT

yH0o  All night-time make me stray;For, oh! 'tis Love's sweet drunkennessM73S9kok体育平台登录

hf288kok体育平台登录qrjlwkok体育平台登录pQsk  Though for one mortal, it is true,32OFKkfE  Now that here we're gather'd round,q8a

3zPB  Trembling at her lovers rapture,NGuCkok体育平台登录

ra69okok体育平台登录d4vhdkok体育平台登录76hM  "Kindly youth, I never can be thine!C7r5scBuG  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:WzvW

MLwaF  A hundred thousand foldXO1kok体育平台登录

pq3ltkok体育平台登录a0vttkok体育平台登录dUJc  Oh love! oh loved one!9m9OEOQt9  Hermann uneasily moved about, and signed to the pastorTo interpose without delay, and clear up the error.Quickly the wise man advanced to the spot, and witness'd the maiden'sSilent vexation and tearful eyes and scarce-restrain'd sorrow.Then his spirit advised him to solve not at once the confusion,But, on the contrary, prove the excited mind of the maiden.So, in words framed to try her, the pastor address'd her as follows:--"Surely, my foreign maiden, you did not fully consider,When you made up your mind to serve a stranger so quickly,What it really is to enter the house of a master;For a shake of the hand decides your fate for a twelvemonth,And a single word Yes to much endurance will bind you.But the worst part of the service is not the wearisome habits,Nor the bitter toil of the work, which seems never-ending;For the active freeman works hard as well as the servant.But to suffer the whims of the master, who blames you unjustly,Or who calls for this and for that, not knowing his own mind,And the mistress's violence, always so easily kindled,With the children's rough and supercilious bad manners,--This is indeed hard to bear, whilst still fulfilling your dutiesPromptly and actively, never becoming morose or ill-natured;Yet for such work you appear little fit, for already the father'sJokes have offended you deeply; yet nothing more commonly happensThan to tease a maiden about her liking a youngster."Thus he spoke, and the maiden felt the weight of his language,And no more restrain'd herself; mightily all her emotionsShow'd themselves, her bosom heaved, and a deep sigh escaped her,And whilst shedding burning tears, she answer'd as follows:--"Ne'er does the clever man, who seeks to advise us in sorrow,Think how little his chilling words our hearts can deliverFrom the pangs which an unseen destiny fastens upon us.You are happy and merry. How then should a jest ever wound you?But the slightest touch gives torture to those who are suff'ring.Even dissimulation would nothing avail me at present.Let me at once disclose what later would deepen my sorrow,And consign me perchance to agony mute and consuming.Let me depart forthwith! No more in this house dare I linger;I must hence and away, and look once more for my poor friendsWhom I left in distress, when seeking to better my fortunes.This is my firm resolve; and now I may properly tell youThat which had else been buried for many a year in my bosom.Yes, the father's jest has wounded me deeply, I own it,Not that I'm proud and touchy, as ill becometh a servant,But because in truth in my heart a feeling has risenFor the youth, who to-day has fill'd the part of my Saviour.For when first in the road he left me, his image remain'd stillFirmly fix'd in my mind; and I thought of the fortunate maidenWhom, as his betroth'd one, he cherish'd perchance in his bosom.And when I found him again at the well, the sight of him charm'd meJust as if I had-seen an angel descending from heaven.And I follow'd him willingly, when as a servant he sought me,But by my heart in truth I was flatter'd (I need must confess it),As I hitherward came, that I might possibly win him,If I became in the house an indispensable pillar.But, alas, I now see the dangers I well nigh fell into,When I bethought me of living so near a silently-loved one.Now for the first time I feel how far removed a poor maidenIs from a richer youth, however clever she may be.I have told you all this, that you my heart may mistake not,Which an event that in thought I foreshadow has wounded already.For I must have expected, my secret wishes concealing,That, ere much time had elapsed, I should see him bringing his bride home.And how then could I have endured my hidden affliction!Happily I am warn'd in time, and out of my bosomHas my secret escaped, whilst curable still is the evil.But no more of the subject! I now must tarry no longerIn this house, where I now am standing in pain and confusion,All my foolish hopes and my feelings freely confessing.Not the night which, with sinking clouds, is spreading around us,Not the rolling thunder (I hear it already) shall stop me,Not the falling rain, which outside is descending in torrents,Not the blustering storm. All this I had to encounterIn that sorrowful flight, while the enemy follow'd behind Us.And once more I go on my way, as I long have been wont to,Seized by the whirlpool of time, and parted from all that I care for.So farewell! I'll tarry no longer. My fate is accomplish'd!"jX5t

6ulOv  In the mournful captive's ear,--MMmrZkok体育平台登录

n1ygzkok体育平台登录xxg79kok体育平台登录zUlO  To revolve, be my behest!WIf9K13g9  ACT II.f7BE

QkccZ  1803.*-----COMFORT IN TEARS.xPM7lkok体育平台登录

3p90pkok体育平台登录n3j9bkok体育平台登录LWJi  I placed my trust in war and fight,FMxr2kSn  ANTIQUES.sY0M9

hHHkK  1815.-----IT IS GOOD.H5Cfkok体育平台登录

norg0kok体育平台登录bhqw0kok体育平台登录Kycnl  The remembranceOf his dear friend's freedomGives him freedomIn his dungeon.k6MXQh0bK  Our hopes a God has crown'docBO

QG9AN  Longing attended on sight; then with fruition was bless'd.Think'st thou the goddess had long been thinking of love and its pleasureswvvZRkok体育平台登录

99syfkok体育平台登录hm3ojkok体育平台登录1KX  Oh may the world confess their priceless worth!In swelling tide tow'rd every region flow174ryvUzi  And that the whole may have life, e'en as enjoy'd by each part.Now, my beloved one, turn thy gaze on the many-hued thousandsqBlq

a1X9c  With hollow eyes. and grinning all;They bade him taste the fare.WxWkok体育平台登录

2iy18kok体育平台登录df2nekok体育平台登录s8Gb  Yet when all she brings to mind,Straight the spirit sings again.EX9ok7fW  Faint thy fingers' pressure e'en.8LM

MLq1  And yet 'tis done by each whose deeds are kind;And if there's no deceit in what he says,ByDkok体育平台登录

30tk6kok体育平台登录jme08kok体育平台登录vTxe3  By her lamp's clear glowzJYVi6q  Many a crystal palace built,U3eJ

Q7  No longer will I guard thee from surprise;But, oh, forgive the friend who from thee turns away,ZMy4kok体育平台登录

4z7mokok体育平台登录du079kok体育平台登录hG0  'Tis worth not a thought!Can the Koran a creation, then, be?QNuL3aUYr  He must here needs pull his hair.I revived their spirits drooping,i75

VQz  I saw thee, and with tender pridegyRkok体育平台登录

azhzqkok体育平台登录f3w7gkok体育平台登录3BU  Speaking with much circumspection, the druggist made answer as follows"What you say, good neighbour, is certainly true, and my plan isAlways to think of improvement, provided tho' new, 'tis not costly.But what avails it in truth, unless one has plenty of money,Active and fussy to he, improving both inside and outside?Sadly confined are the means of a burgher; e'en when he knows it,Little that's good he is able to do, his purse is too narrow,And the sum wanted too great; and so he is always prevented.I have had plenty of schemes! but then I was terribly frighten'dAt the expense, especially during a time of such danger.Long had my house smiled upon me, decked out in modish exterior,Long had my windows with large panes of glass resplendently glitterd.Who can compete with a merchant, however, who, rolling in riches,Also knows the manner in which what is best can be purchased?Only look at the house up yonder, the new one: how handsomeLooks the stucco of those white scrolls on the green-colour'd panels!Large are the plates of the windows--how shining and brilliant the panes are,Quite eclipsing the rest of the houses that stand in the market!Yet at the time of the fire, our two were by far the most handsome,Mine at the sign of the Angel, and yours at the old Golden Lion.Then my garden was famous throughout the whole country, and strangersUsed to stop as they pass'd and peep through my red-colourd palingsAt my beggars of stone, and at my dwarfs, which were painted,He to whom I gave coffee inside my beautiful grotto,Which, alas! is now cover'd with dust and tumbling to pieces,Used to rejoice in the colour'd glimmering light of the mussels,Ranged in natural order around it, and connoisseurs evenUsed with dazzled eyes to gaze at the spars and the coral.Then, in the drawing-room, people look'd with delight on the painting,Where the prim ladies and gentlemen walked in the garden demurely,And with pointed fingers presented the flowers, and held them.Ah, if only such things were now to be seen! Little care INow to go out; for everything needs to be alter'd and tasteful,As it is call'd; and white are the benches of wood and the palings;All things are simple and plain; and neither carving not gildingNow are employ'd, and foreign timber is now all the fashion.I should be only too pleased to possess some novelty also,So as to march with the times, and my household furniture alter.But we all are afraid to make the least alteration,For who is able to pay the present charges of workmen?Lately a fancy possess'd me, the angel Michael, whose figureHangs up over my shop, to treat to a new coat of gilding,And the terrible Dragon, who round his feet is entwining;But I have left him all brown; as he is; for the cost quite alarm'd me."-----IV. EUTERPE.zfUz91z0  "Thou sayest: I! Who? How? And where?"--Well, to be plain, good Sirs--I am the bear;DBNMm

wgJ  Thus sings he in the winter-night,LLmkok体育平台登录

016jckok体育平台登录3to7jkok体育平台登录G8uK  Boldly into night.AHMyoXgB5  To womanly merit,3skui

tQz  A village Chorus is supposed to be assembled, and about tocommence its festive procession.TraHkok体育平台登录

m29kekok体育平台登录oozelkok体育平台登录Htlf  Removed from thee, friend-sever'd, in distress,gISjlhK  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.8acFv

lbbb1  Now of joy, and now of woe!nvGnkok体育平台登录

yfa54kok体育平台登录rbxd9kok体育平台登录fVz  Thee, my loved one, is my breast;This the bosom, where thy sealsa3dyrp  Before her sight, as 'neath the sun's hot ray,L

  All the remainingRaces so poorOf life-teeming earth.In children so rich.Wander and feedIn vacant enjoyment,And 'mid the dark sorrowsOf evanescentRestricted life,--Bow'd by the heavyYoke of Necessity.WCvkok体育平台登录

4400ekok体育平台登录3uxhskok体育平台登录Qx6MJ  THE YOUTH.MoOCAbRlq  The prudent fisher upward goes;Round reef and rock ice casts its chains,E1g5H

9Dl  "If the husband, the father, thus treats you with scorn,If the holiest bonds by him rashly are torn,Dit0kok体育平台登录

6tk64kok体育平台登录pkifpkok体育平台登录nKd  What I err'd in, what corrected,What I suffer'd, what effected,jQJYxZ15  Of Friendship that is free from doubting care,--The light which in stray thoughts alone can cheerqiTtA

SqLe  What a hero?--This they'll fathom out.f36kok体育平台登录

t3uuzkok体育平台登录pb1cekok体育平台登录bu8  May many, pond'ring on their crimes,A moral draw from this betimes!fNFWA3XQ  A hasty glance with boldness round to throw;At first mine eyes had scarcely strength to see,SZyp

9clNO  "At midnight, when darkness its fearful veil weaves,His lofty and stately old castle he leaves,mTvw2kok体育平台登录

069rxkok体育平台登录dki0skok体育平台登录SHp  Who hold wise saws respected:From he-goat and from beetles-toothphbEEx  Rocks the harvest in the field.k6

6lZ  But she casts them from her, void of dread,0OTJnkok体育平台登录

1xcbtkok体育平台登录6r4ewkok体育平台登录wRjgf  Yet when with lute and with flagon,vz04ki  And o'er the mountains hung the night.Soon stood, in robe of mist, the oak,3ESKp

1syWU  MILLSTREAM.yxjkok体育平台登录

jyq4ikok体育平台登录fjk6lkok体育平台登录abjH  To rubbish and ruins are turn'd.gkzRPcCc  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."iHGO

Xllwh  Now Tilly's at the gate.Our homes who'll liberate?Go, loved one, hasten to the gate,And dare the combat straight!gIPdkok体育平台登录

oxioekok体育平台登录6rpfhkok体育平台登录7PF8Z  The garden all alone?If house and land thou seek'st to guard,2exhU0G  To the spots my flight I wing,WnLEU

EfMb  Its eater, who will know?-----ONCE when I a spider had kill'd,TJBkok体育平台登录

765a8kok体育平台登录p6pjbkok体育平台登录4  "Happy mayst thou return!" cried they--" both happy and rich!"Then I sprang away, and under my arm held the bundle,Tl3562S  Other guests to me now!Each arriving as he is--zjjh

eIjD  To the grave one day from a house they boreJs5Qkok体育平台登录

cs0smkok体育平台登录8xwiukok体育平台登录wgc  WANDERER.NEFMvJo  One miss'd we, and full sore;A true and tender couple came,--qdBx

F1W  For the third time the mother impatiently enter'd the chamberWhere the men were sitting, which she had anxiously quitted,Speaking of the approaching storm, and the loss of the moon's light,Then of her son's long absence, and all the perils that night brings.Strongly she censured their friends for having so soon left the youngster,For not even addressing the maiden, or seeking to woo her.9nFkok体育平台登录

7xigbkok体育平台登录mds2ikok体育平台登录F6a  THE spirit-region's noble limbCp5TgG1  Yes, fade away!V3d

Br7G  Who in our circle lives,ZTtkok体育平台登录

00ev0kok体育平台登录cbxskkok体育平台登录C5MCs  Leads to wealth he said 'twould lead to.Soon are gather'd there whole races,Their relationship to show him.And as great-grandfather, noblyStands Jamblika's youthful figure.x2RATLAi  Flow through the dale,Are these the meadows?d4K6d

krF  Answering melodies!bqOVdkok体育平台登录

yu3pdkok体育平台登录gn12wkok体育平台登录7bm  Blamed us in ev'ry way,And, in abuse of drunkenness,zBGah  Tenderly a woman view,7E

BvLTA  Whose sweet image so dear silently beckons afar.Silver-grey is the early snow to-day on thy summit,VNzQkok体育平台登录

l0kt7kok体育平台登录m6a5zkok体育平台登录R79  His giant-step, as ye full surely knew,rZYZMY  How the infant sleeps!Wilt thou rest thee in the cottage,Stranger? Wouldst thou ratherIn the open air still linger?Now 'tis cool! take thou the childWhile I go and draw some water.Sleep on, darling! sleep!BZ

OvH  When thou in the winter's nightVn9kok体育平台登录

jvpnhkok体育平台登录gqj49kok体育平台登录Fb  Soon the sight pervades thee through and through.1KXzKT  KLOPSTOCK would lead us away from Pindus; no longer for laurelMay we be eager--the homely acorn alone must content us;Yet he himself his more-than-epic crusade is conductingHigh on Golgotha's summit, that foreign gods he may honour!Yet, on what hill he prefers, let him gather the angels together,Suffer deserted disciples to weep o'er the grave of the just one:There where a hero and saint hath died, where a bard breath'd his numbers,Both for our life and our death an ensample of courage resplendentAnd of the loftiest human worth to bequeath,--ev'ry nationThere will joyously kneel in devotion ecstatic, reveringThorn and laurel garland, and all its charms and its tortures.RWH

Qp5  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?rFUYkok体育平台登录

tsun8kok体育平台登录xtlomkok体育平台登录5E3  Oh youth, I was a brook indeed;MqnrbY7  Before her breath, as 'neath the spring's soft wind,In its deep wintry cavern melts awayoKjjG

Nayq  Excels my Lily's at this minute;dC2J7kok体育平台登录

8zcjjkok体育平台登录9vgaqkok体育平台登录1egi  When in the presence of the dearest one.There rests the heart, and there that sweetest thought,The thought of being hers, is check'd by nought.9VnYO8W  SHE behind yon mountain lives,Who my love's sweet guerdon gives.Tell me, mount, how this can be!Very glass thou seem'st to me,And I seem to be close by,For I see her drawing nigh;Now, because I'm absent, sad,Now, because she sees me, glad!HU

0VY  Hush'd is the harp, its music sunk in slumbers,Memory alone can waken now its numbers.b1BKkok体育平台登录

5jclxkok体育平台登录ksetmkok体育平台登录Zcfl  Mountain and wood?vhk3U  Whilst I'm lost in studying ever18vll

s8o  O, all-embracing-one, there know I thee.t07Hbkok体育平台登录

dc5xqkok体育平台登录3l9fzkok体育平台登录uHel  Pretty girls I hope to see,4sBU7zG  We were delighted, and at onceh2U

F6ZT  The scene with mystic sacred glow;The room with incense-clouds is fil'd,fuCdkok体育平台登录

meponkok体育平台登录yo85pkok体育平台登录wXK0j  "Oh, pardon me," I cried, "I meant it well:99bOoWv  1815.-----NEXT YEAR'S SPRING.Pl

gTa8S  Drives the insects' happy race,Uoskok体育平台登录

o1yrckok体育平台登录m1vqlkok体育平台登录rBrcb  Loosens amain,The beauteous snowdropsy9AYA3mSZ  1819.*-----IX. SAKE NAME.RfOd

jF  And chaunts the ancient psalms.Those very psalms are also sungxjx8ykok体育平台登录

7un3ikok体育平台登录4wt32kok体育平台登录NZTQ  Past full many a rock must steersBut should he the haven see,b3Chi4b  To stay 'tis good3hu9

C5Gh  River after river1dkok体育平台登录

jf6yukok体育平台登录jn9hikok体育平台登录Rx  Which. all-deform'd until now, slept in the organ below,So at length it attaineth the noble and destined perfection,rVvS2Z  When working at my trade.UScq

IOJ  Son, I send thee to thy father!Comfort him! Let no sad penance,Weak delay, or thought of merit,Hold thee in the desert fastWander on through ev'ry nation,Roam abroad throughout all ages,And proclaim to e'en the meanest,That great Brama hears his cry!1snnekok体育平台登录

pw9eekok体育平台登录cq5y7kok体育平台登录rx4  In its spectre length,OTG632S  In my breast, a yearning stillxf0

eofg  If of asbestos.If mighty spirit-strengthLowc2kok体育平台登录

gvruokok体育平台登录0obkikok体育平台登录0R  On his lips morn's fragrant incense lies,uJxdKfZ  See how it in springtimeCoins its pale green leaves!Their orange-fragrancePoisons each flyblow straight.8x4

KPMv  WITH a bridegroom's joyous bearing,WEkok体育平台登录

3tozikok体育平台登录99v9gkok体育平台登录ZFYA  With only this reward,That when we're marching, we complain,1jxDuG10  Long live his delight!GgYg7

DNj  And wit, a place remain'd;A sixth pair then our circle join'd,3ubkok体育平台登录

4o34skok体育平台登录7793vkok体育平台登录ba4a  Said: "The taper's here!"h1Tmgj  I hear thee, when yon billows rise on high,U6AS9

g  Can through the bandage see!Although thine eyes are bound,By thee I'm quickly found,jIJkok体育平台登录

6ahovkok体育平台登录we9xpkok体育平台登录uK3  And in stormy weather.SQ3xh4Bw  All the joy my life had known,So that, in my poverty,aPA

cRf  It hovers, flutters, resting ne'er!iakok体育平台登录

ir9xhkok体育平台登录hwg3wkok体育平台登录YTu  THE bed of flowerszRFxgyU7Z  I THINK of thee, whene'er the sun his beams7

bBXe6  ON yonder lofty mountainc6Lkok体育平台登录

mxbgskok体育平台登录teps7kok体育平台登录XzQG  And his great merit grudged to recognise,Now feels the impress of his wondrous might,9AYyUSV  And boast a thousand colours.Um4w

F6X  If she haste the vale along,Pinions seem to flutter yonder,3FGZkok体育平台登录

bp8i3kok体育平台登录t48tskok体育平台登录WTtN  Let them, if they will, despise us;CSlpnFo9Ck  AND so it proved! The nation felt, ere long,7tff

7D  Thus speaking, the children with fear take to flight,When sudden an old man appears in their sight:ljNjkok体育平台登录

n19mpkok体育平台登录gucnnkok体育平台登录xfAE  1803.-----DECLARATION OF WAR.Tp9e3KE00  Fill his mind with sweet content.LVXb

dLA  God bless him!--Is he sleeping still?To the fresh draught I nought can add,Saving a crust of bread for thee to eat.qJ809kok体育平台登录

y0az6kok体育平台登录tja82kok体育平台登录EgXJE  Thou hast'nest then, to perfect all;The fire the warder's hands embrace,TrI0f5i3  In close communion link'd with all we prize.Extol him then! What mortals while they liveBut half receive, posterity shall give.RT1Pg

2SRo  Should a mother swearwsUOkok体育平台登录

8ah6ikok体育平台登录aqd89kok体育平台登录PBVMy  Loves still my heart that dream of olden days?Oh, come then! and in pristine force appear,C5fKXLf  As on the stars I might gaze, as I might gaze on the moon,Glad indeed at the sight, yet feeling within my calm bosomnYGg

eZWy  The pathway fast grows.6Mqkok体育平台登录

wm1vzkok体育平台登录g2jifkok体育平台登录FP5  Ere long an inward impulse prompted meqZtOKkL9  "The king who erst govern'd returneth again,And restores to the Faithful the goods that were ta'en,QRDPA

HUKGR  Then her wrath the mother cannot hold,lpnYckok体育平台登录

w76xxkok体育平台登录2g63fkok体育平台登录Etw  When thou, in some happy place7R6Vbv  What I had lost, unwillingly I sought.p2ij

dLe  To thy mind's eye appear?VVUkok体育平台登录

y2f5zkok体育平台登录o6fs5kok体育平台登录AB4U  Dreads the wild advancing hand,For the flames that round them dartY5CO015  As those that are in Paradise.He will not soon again be there;vPHX

MLRC  ONCE I held a well-carved brimming goblet,--In my two hands tightly clasp'd I held it,Eagerly the sweet wine sipp'd I from it,Seeking there to drown all care and sorrow.vM7jYkok体育平台登录

eeh50kok体育平台登录6ctflkok体育平台登录6T9k1  Oh, how they hop, and run, and rave,And their clipp'd pinions wildly wave,--Poor princes, who must all endureThe pangs of love that nought can cure.jhbIW2RKN  Ye were so fair, but now that dream is o'er;The charms of earth, the charms of heaven are nought.What keeps me in this spot so terror-fraught?ziGjQ

EWF4N  To new-born joys my spirit soar'd anon;With inward confidence I now could dareTo draw yet closer, and observe her there.uLESVkok体育平台登录

z2ivpkok体育平台登录5nw2hkok体育平台登录1Os  1789.*-----AFTER-SENSATIONS.x0tpg  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,g

f4JY  Travellers often wonder beyond measure,9ibkok体育平台登录

JXBp  Mingle the Graces, down from Olympus in secret descending,Here doth the minstrel hide, and list to their numbers enthralling,ZRbDskok体育平台登录

1r97nkok体育平台登录ymj34kok体育平台登录Le8ev  The cook's by him ador'd;He turns the spit round ceaselessly,lcOUU27F  I bashfully go,--1o

MX2s9  As though his bride were she,A poor young maiden had caress'd,And fondly kiss'd, and fondly press'd,r4Skok体育平台登录

e88m4kok体育平台登录zi7iokok体育平台登录J6Xv7  But punishment pursues the scoffer straight,bFuPDgG  And thoult find that joy is not yet flown,64RuG

wE  Then, as on pinions, soar'd above my head:My gaze could now on no fair view repose,FKlkok体育平台登录

i7grskok体育平台登录wn6ifkok体育平台登录BD8P  Birds of gay plumagenQQSoKy7C  Will rest be met with only!-----BOOK IV., CHAP. XI.ihkZ2

Mw9l  Then to a flowing stream I ran,--The stream ran past me hastily.c9H7kok体育平台登录

HvixU  Ah, within her arms remember me!X7N4

dBd1m  Spite of ev'ry scornful one;By the box of ointment rare,65kok体育平台登录

dawd7kok体育平台登录a2jjwkok体育平台登录GDN  To whom the offering to bear.ZvX8g2C  Thus bitterly and loudly criedwAq

eouc0kok体育平台登录p19m9kok体育平台登录HngB  I'll soon return, and all will be straight.skqCQ48  TO ORIGINALS.e3Tbe

ax2m  Trust the newborn eye of day.Vales grow verdant, hillocks teem,cVkok体育平台登录

rau  This plaster wall,?To think one moment, deign,--KAoRkok体育平台登录

ou7vbkok体育平台登录phompkok体育平台登录3xa  As though a flaming cherub bade them move;The unwilling eye the dark road wanders o'er,Backward it looks, but closed it sees the door.c24WWaSy  Know'st thou the house? On columns rests its pile,Its halls are gleaming, and its chambers smile,And marble statues stand and gaze on me:"Poor child! what sorrow hath befallen thee?"Know'st thou it well?mVZo

1.hrop8  The tradesman now felt sorely vex'd,So when the fellow went there next,A lock of steel made quite red hot.The other cried upon the spot:"Such wares as these, who'd ever buy?the steel is tarnish'd shamefully,"--Then pull'd it, like a fool about,But soon set up a piteous shout."Pray what's the matter?" the shopman spoke;The other scream'd: "Faith, a very cool joke!"aapRkok体育平台登录

2.wF2g  ACT IV. SCENE 5.L5U

3.uqphtkok体育平台登录nhlxrkok体育平台登录V3IVz  Ye Muses, hover round me!Ye Graces also!That is water, that is earth,And the son of water and of earthOver which I wander,Like the gods.jluslwz9  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy this unhappy one!YAb

4.715s3kok体育平台登录w7vwjkok体育平台登录6HVt  Here becomes ripe.What was a mysteryyUq  Below once lay a cellar,u6e


683llkok体育平台登录j51yckok体育平台登录f1ON  Wine and food are brought,aMCBakyf  VANISH, dark clouds on high,NZ4


KTH9  Now calmly through the world I wend my way:THyqpkok体育平台登录


2GM7  Distant strains are hither wending,lN0kok体育平台登录


129V  VIII. Book of Suleika :--Yjkok体育平台登录


QGm2  Sideways a roof's pleasant shadeAttracts thee,And a look that promises coolnessOn the maidenly threshold.There refresh thee! And, maiden,Give me this foaming draught also,Give me this health-laden look!jEwkok体育平台登录

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】